Finger Guide an innovative and valuable Firearm Safety Attachment.

With special adhesive Finger Guide is placed above the trigger, providing the proper safe placement
of the trigger finger.

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The Finger Guide is helping to move the national conversation beyond "Gun Control" to a national conversation of "Gun Safety".
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We are proudly serving the Firearm Industry:
Safety Instructors, Organizations, Manufacturers, Gun Owners, Military, Law Enforcement, and Sporting Goods Stores.
Leader in Gun Safety
US Patent No.:  D658,738 issued May 1, 2012
Grip the security of Finger Guide,
knowing safety & confidence is at your finger tip.
Never before has an invention changed the mindset and influenced an industry in such a way Finger Guide has with FIREARM SAFETY.
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Firearm Safety Instructors
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Whether you are a new gun enthusiast, an old pro or a dedicated firearms instructor, the “Finger Guide” is a valuable addition to your safety training and developing sound safety habits!

Many shooters can have trouble remembering the cardinal rules of gun safety, “keep your finger off the trigger” & "point in a safe direction".

Following these simple safety rules is crucial to keeping yourself and others safe!

Using our patented “Finger Guide” serves as a constant reminder to safe firearm handling. - It works consistently on pistols, rifles and shotguns!

The cushiony soft, easy to apply foam “Finger Guide” doesn't hurt your gun's finish and serves as a constant  reminder, to keep your finger off and away from the trigger.

Economically priced so you can apply “Finger Guide” to every gun, left or right side, even those kept in holsters.

“Finger Guide” is your visible reminder to consistent gun safety!
Finger Guide Safety and Comfort
Promoting a New patent method of Firearm Safety and Training.
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